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TaeTiSeo Twinkle w/ Taeyeon photocard - $15
Infinite Man in Love w/ Woohyun photocard - $14
Boys Before Flowers DVD - $10 SOLD
EXO-K MAMA w/ group photocard - $14
EXO-M MAMA w/ Xiumin photocard - $14 (If you buy both, they will be $25!)
Girls’ Generation The Boys no photocard (I got a “defect” ;;) - $15
U-Kiss Doradora - $12
Block B Welcome to the block repackaged w/ Zico, P.O, Jaehyo’s photos - $14 SOLD
Infinite Paradise w/ Sungjong photocard - $15 SOLD
Teen Top It’s w/ Changjo photocard - $14
Teen Top single album - $14
Teen Top Artist - $14
Teen Top No. 1 - $15
Teen Top Roman - $14
Exo-M Magazine So Cool - $15 (bought this for ~$20 w/shipping) (small dent in top corner)
Exo-M Magazine Pop - $15 (bought this for ~$20 w/shipping)

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"When we’re promoting, there’s a lot of times where we skip meals. But our fans also miss meals when they wait for us. The label didn’t help us - we prepared it all by ourselves. We did both the packaging and sticker ourselves.

"I was touched ㅠ So! For the love given to us up until now! So the Infinite members gave our hearts to Inspirits, and we were wondering whether you liked it or not. We thought a lot about whether we would make it something with rice or bread, also since the summer weather is like this as well ~.~" - Dongwoo

When taking care of his fans, “I did what I did because I know I can, I’m not overworking myself, I’m fine; if I was tired, I wouldn’t have done it. Besides, our fans stayed up together with us. I was worried, because staying up for that long isn’t good especially for women’s health” - Dongwoo

Woohyun, “Ah, I’m sorry, but please refer to them as girlfriends, not fans.”

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"g a m e o v e r"

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Duizhang’s little sunshine,Taotao~

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jung taekwoon; ruining bias list since 1990

jung taekwoon; ruining bias list since 1990

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C-CLOWN’s 1st anniversary | "I love you. Mwuah."

C-CLOWN’s 1st anniversary | "I love you. Mwuah."

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