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And who said Yongguk cannot be cute? 

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B.A.P Facts/Fan Accounts Mashup Part III


  • Yongguk claimed to have read a fanfic about him but when asked for his response about it, he couldn’t say anything.
  • Secret once said that Yongguk only hangs out with good looking people and he tried denying it.
  • Yongguk uses his injury on his hand as an excuse to make the members do favors for him.
  • During the part “Boom boom follow me” in Power, Yongguk smiles during the performances opposed the MV where he doesn’t and according to a Baby who goes to the live shows, they said he smiles because of the fan chants.
  • Yongguk appears to hate on Himchan but cares for him a lot and often calls him “Channie.”
  • Yongguk’s a peacemaker. He’s also very soft-hearted so he cries often. [Ta-Dah! It’s B.A.P episode 2 for reference]
  • Daehyun sucks at working out.
  • When Daehyun first joined TSE, he went up to Secret and asked, “Can you sign this for me..”
  • Daehyun’s friends laugh when people call him Busan Wonbin.
  • Daehyun wasn’t very bright but he was really obedient in listening to his teachers. Even when he got in trouble, he’d just reply “Sorry..” and never talk back.
  • The reason why Daehyun is really playful and always joking is because of Youngjae.
  • Youngjae is lead vocalist with Daehyun and they both get really confused because there’s normally only one lead vocalist and so they just claim for both of them to be lead vocalists.
  • At the old academy Youngjae was at, he wrote, “You have to be good looking first to go to auditions!”
  • Youngjae’s love is ET Land [*T/N: Mall of electronics in Korea]
  • Most infamous fanaccount @ a fan signing.
    Fan: Hello.
    Youngjae: Hello.
    Fan: (Youngjae finishes signing) Goodbye.
    Youngjae: Goodbye.
  • Youngjae promotes his old academy and even tells people how much the fee is to attend.
  • One time at Music Core, Daehyun and Zelo were playing around at the pre-recording with Daehyun playing with Zelo’s hair and then told the fans, “Zelo has something to say to you all!” So Zelo responds, “D..Did you all eat?” Then Daehyun passes the spotlight to Jongup saying Jongup had something to say but Jongup’s too busy laughing. Youngjae turns to face Himchan in telling him, “Hyung, I love you..” and Himchan responds, “I love you too!” Instead of accepting it, Youngjae just gave him a dead-serious look.
  • Zelo and Daehyun were walking up the stairs to Music Core and Daehyun was walking behind Zelo and pushed his butt.

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120510 - Twitter - Himchan

 그럼 23살힘찬이의 허그는 어때요?

Then how about 23 year old Himchan’s hug?

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120510 - Twitter - Yongguk



I’m going to decline

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Random Daehyun Fanaccount Mashup


  • Daehyun said he doesn’t fight with his older brother often but when they do, they fight till it gets brutal, even having incidents where they’ve used their fists.
  • Daehyun was more popular with guys than girls, so that’s why he hung around a lot of guys.
  • He complained to his members about not having too much parts  in MTV Ta-Dah! It’s B.A.P.
  • Daehyun said he’s closest to Yongguk, not Youngjae.
  • Saturi [T/N: Korean dialect, in Daehyun’s case, Busan saturi] pops up often for Daehyun even at their dorm, so he sometimes calls Jongup “Moon Jongup~ee~” opposed to just “Jongup.” 
  • A fan was taking a video of him at a fan signing and he kept posing with a victory sign. Then he asked the fan, “How much longer do I have to stay like this?” when he saw the fan still holding her camera. So the fan told him, “Ah..this is a videoㅋㅋㅋㅋ” and he responded back, “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋAhㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
  • Daehyun faced knee injury after their debut and went to visit an orthopedic clinic and when the front clerk asked for his name, he said “We’re B.A.P! Yessir!” 
  • When Daehyun or Youngjae would be off-key, they’d slap each other so that they can prevent from going off-key.
  • At a fan signing, when Zelo answered with the reply “My parents passed their genes to me ^ㅡ^” for the question “How do you maintain your flawless skin?” at a fan signing, Daehyun called Zelo annoying (since Daehyun has bad skin).
  • Daehyun tried imitating Zelo’s LTE rap and left the room because it annoyed him that he couldn’t do it and his tongue kept getting tied. 
  • Daehyun’s face is really small in real life.
  • During the performance when the stage collapsed for “Warrior,” Daehyun screamed “Uh. AGHHHHHHHHH.” 
  • Daehyun cried recording “It’s All a Lie.” 
  • He made fun of Jongup for having no lines and Jongup got angry.
  • He kept playing rock, paper, scissors with Zelo and he got mad that he kept losing.

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look at his collarbones.


look at his collarbones.


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that awkward moment when the maknae hits the hyungs crotch with this pants rope
that awkward moment when the maknae hits the hyungs crotch with this pants rope

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